Bacteria Tower Defense

The Swedish Tower
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Instructions: You're the doctor - cure your patients of their infections! Bacteria enter the screen from the left every 25 seconds and they're aiming to infect your patient on the right. Let too many bacteria go untreated and your patient will die. Build a maze of antibiotic towers to slow and kill those bacteria. Earn money to buy or upgrade towers. Your patient will tell you his/her symptoms to help you plan for what's next. Use the mouse to choose towers in your "Pharmacy" and then place them on the game board. The "Start/Next" button starts sending the next wave of bacteria. The "Menu" button will pause the game.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • (Top row) " `, 1 through 9,0, and - " selects one of the twelve towers in your pharmacy
  • "W" - select sensor tower (if available)
  • "Q" - unselect
  • "U" - upgrade tower
  • "S" - sell tower
  • "R" - repair tower
  • "T" - repair all towers
  • "I" - toggle the ID&Sensitivities window (gives hints)
  • "N" - send the next wave early
  • "P" - toggle pause/menu
  • "G" - toggle grid guide