Portal Defense

The Swedish Tower
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It's not your ordinary tower defense!
Check out the bosses and let's see if you can defeat them *evil laughs*
The Final Boss is a kill him or lose thing, so even if you have 20 lives,
you will still lose if he enters the portal!

====== Update 5 ======
-Added 2 New Maps!!
-Fixed bug: AH shoots blank / misses target
-Changed Pico's range (wider but less attack)
-Fixed Bug: Map on top of mouse cursor when placing buildings
-Shows range when tower is selected
-Corrected the Upgrade Descriptions
-Balanced the Air enemies
-Changed some parts of interface

====== Past Updates ======
-New challange with Final Boss!
-Added few graphics improvement! :)
-Fixed unlimited gold bug
-Fixed "Quit to Menu" / "Play Again" buttons
-Redesigned Main Menu
-Level Editor Under Development
-Adjusted Difficulty (somewhat easier)
-Now Easier, 1000 cats, tankmen x, and uberkids have less health
-Fixeg Bug on Play Again button
-Added a HARD difficulty setting!
-New Monsters (uberkids / tankmen enemies / 1000 cats )
-Fixed sound effects bug
-Fixed the pause bug (tower still shoot even when paused)
-Changed Pico's range (cannot attack anywhere in map now)
-At the final boss, Find the beard!
-Submission of scores is now disabled because of cheating issues
-Fixed Bug: "Send next wave" button victory
-There are now 2 maps
-Updated the terrain (grasslands)
-Pico can now shoot AIR
-Fixed restart game bug