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Game Idea

I need opinions about my game idea for my games development course:

A group of mages called the Riolaan Mages Guild are under attack by an powerful army of orcs, trolls, ogre etc. that is impossible to beat so they use a powerful ritual to teleport far, far away when they arrive they find themselves on an alien world in the future where they are attacked they must build mage towers to fight of alien hordes and protect their keep. They can upgrade their towers more and more as the game progresses using alien technology and using the technology to boost their magic dealing more damage etc. after each level you can upgrade you keep with technology increasing repair time, health, shield etc., you can also create things that you can use such as barricades, traps, bombs and many other things. You can place mage towers anywhere on the map as long as there is still a path for the aliens you can use this to make long path for the aliens or lay traps along the path. There will be ground and flying enemies which can be targeted by different towers. There will be lots of different types of alien enemies of varying difficulty. The university will have a health bar the game will end if the university is destroyed and you will have to redo the level. The university can be upgraded to have a shield, or self-repairing walls and many other things. It will be a 2D game.


Is there anything you don’t understand about the game idea?


What do you think about a multiplayer mode in a tower defence game where you can play with a friend and both make towers you get the same resources to start with which means you can build more towers at the start but the enemies would be harder and you’d have to share resources?


Do you think there should be characters for the multiplayer specifically or for the whole game?


Do you think that a tower defence game needs an in depth story line?


If it did have a story line does it have to make 100% sense, make some sense or none at all?


What do you think about flying enemies? Should they be able to fly over towers?


Should all towers be able to target air units, some towers or should some towers be able to be upgraded to either ground unit attackers or air unit attackers?


What do you think about having spells to help if you’re being overrun should there be lots of weaker spells or a few powerful ones? Opinions?


What are your opinions about how to collect resources? Should they only be dropped by enemies or should there be scavengers that’s job is to collect resources or both or something completely different?