Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5

The Swedish Tower
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The massive update to Bubble Tanks Tower Defense is here!  This neat upgrade delivers a lot of new and fancy content:

  • 4 New Tower Types: Beam, Poison, Self-Destruct, and Confusion. Each of these towers can be included to make Mega Towers, including a new Mega Beam Tower! Yes, Mega Mega Beam Towers are possible as well.
  • 4 New Enemy Types: EMP, Stealth, Swarm, and Cursed!
  • 15 Brand New Maps!
  • All the original 50 maps have been updated to include the new enemy types and re-tweaked!  Try beating them all over again!
  • A new Dark Mode (think FML mode) where you can only see a small area around the mouse!
  • You can now turn off the auto-pause via the Settings menu.

If you're wondering how to get to the new towers, pause from in-game to see the new upgrade tree with descriptions and stats.