Button Layout (Menu structure)

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Button Layout (Menu structure)

Here's the Button Tree for the Main Menu. In-game menu to follow.

Main Menu

----->Monochrome Mode -21 waves each
----->No Mazing ? X number of waves
----->Random Waypoints ? X number of waves
----->Jamboree Only ? X number of waves
----->No Combining ? X number of waves
----->Sudden Death ? X number of waves

--->Basic Gems
--->Special Gems
----->Black Opal
----->Cubic Zirconia
----->Dark Emerald
----->Icy Sapphire
----->Infected Sapphire
----->Lapis Lazuli
----->Paraiba Tourmaline
----->Pink Diamond
----->Red Crystal
----->Star Ruby
----->Tiger?s Eye
----->Unlucky Diamond
----->Uranium 238
----->Yellow Sapphire
----->(To be compiled later)
----->(List of each creep type, weakness, strength)
--->How to play

--->Shots Visible/Not
--->Grid Visible/Not[/]

--->[Links to gemtowerdefence.com]

->Gem Creator
--->Create New Gem
----->All the options, the main gem creation screen
--->Load Gem
----->Copy the text into a box

--->[Displays Credits]

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It would be nice to have the gemopedia as an in game option, as well as all the things under the options like quality, shots visible, music.

It would also be nice to see some artwork on what the main menu, gameplay, etc would look like... thacannon?

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Okay, here's my proposed Button layout for the in-game HUD... If I've left anything out or if you don't like something, let me know.

So first off, as a reminder this is what the layout of the buttons looks like:

So, There are two main types of Menus. The Main Menu is what is usually displayed, i.e. when you don't have a gem selected. If you have a creep or slate selected, the Main Menu remains, and simply shows the selected item's information in the Info Box (if you have nothing selected it shows the current gem chances). Also, Whenever a button is not able to be used, that button should be greyed... if you know what I mean. Looks like it can't be used.

I'll abbreviate the button names as M1,M2,B1-4. Should make things clearer.
So, without further ado...

Main Menu
->M1: Place Gems
->M2: Upgrade Chances
->B1: Activate Grid (on click or G, changes to Deactivate Grid. Could be changed to show/hide)
->B2: Game Speed (Brings up list of x1,x2,x5,x50, keeps until changed)
->B3: Buy Slates
->B4: Options (Pop up window)
--->Shots Visible On/Off

When you select a gem (rocks count as gems), the buttons change to this:
Gem Menu
->M1: Main Menu (deselects gem)
->M2: Target:___ (see below)
->B1: Keep
->B2: Downgrade
->B3: Remove
->B4: Upgrade (if special)/Combine (if not)

The info box:

First, when nothing is selected, the chances for gems are shown in the info box.
Second, when a gem/slate/rock is selected, stats appear in the info box. If you click on the targeting button, the info box changes to the targeting methods list. Click on the one you want and it is chosen, written on the targeting button and the stats come back. You may at anytime click again on the targeting button to change the gem's targeting method.

If at any time you click on the field (where there is no gem, slate, or creep, the menu changes back to the main menu automatically
So there you have it. Any questions?

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Is the gemopedia an option? No, it's a tiny encyclopedia of the game. It goes in the main menu then.

Also, iGrok, I guess it took a long time to organize your list, but it would be more clear with tabs. Ex.

Main Menu:
-> Play
-----> Choose game mode
---------> Normal
---------> Endless
---------> Sandbox

Isn't a bit clearer?

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yeah, but I had had it set up as much better organized in MSWORD, but the formatting didn't copy...

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Oh..... dear..... that's rather..... ummmm.....
I think I need to remake the menu.....
Is there a way to make that enormous mountain of info more apealing to the eyes? I think I see a giant wave when I scroll down.

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I'll format it later, sorry

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Yeah, cannon's got the idea, nice work. I know ur just listing etc. grok.

Calm down fredggy, I'm trying to look at it from the perspective of first time players. They're not going to sit there and read the gems before they play, they're just going to jump right in. (One of the main reasons people are opposed to unlockables and a storyline is so the player can just jump right in) I guess people can always open multiple windows so they can play and have the gemopedia at the same time. I just think it's smoother and cleaner if it's available while you play. User friendly = better.

As far as challenges I don't think any challenges should be in survival mode because they cannot be beaten. If it's a challenge then there has to be a way to win.

With the pick your own gems I think it should be a sandbox option, not a challenge. What would be the challenge, you're just picking what you want to play with? I think of it more as fun, and not as a challenge. Fun to play with what you want to, but you can't have a high score list cuz obv not everyone is going to pick the same gems. I see it like a pop up when you play sandbox. The game asks if you want to play with all of the gems or if you want to pick the ones you want to play with.

Also, I don't know if that's the definitive list of challenges, but the marathon 100 wave challenge should definately be included, and in my opinion a few others.

As for monochrome mode, which I'm done disagreeing with, I don't think it should be listed out like that. That's probably what you were trying to do grok, but I just want to make sure. It should go from Challenges, which is listed in the main menu, to a menu listing the challenges, to monochrome mode as one of the challenges where it lists the diff monochrome levels that have either been beaten, which will be displayed, or needs to be beaten.

Also classic should be under play right? As one of the game modes...

I don't understand normal mode... Is that a title or an actual playable mode? If it is a playable mode please explain

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Seeing this just proves how well the project is coming along...wow. My only thought is that things like monochrome mode should have a picture of the appropriate perfect gem next to their button.

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@thacannon : I LOVE your picture... It's awesome.


- Agreed, challenges won't be in survival.
- Pick your own gems had, a while ago, a suggestion of random gems. I don't remember if it has been retained, but I liked it. Also, it's a challenge for not being able to do every special, but you may do them more often.
- Monochrome is a challenge, even though it's almost mandatory to get a normal on the first round. Creeps might have different stats, but be careful: there aren't any special! There are slates however...
- Classic is a link to GTD1, it's not directly in the game. You click, then it redirects you.
- Normal mode... That's the normal way to play, just like in GTD1. What's wrong with it? What can't you understand?

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erm iGrok, maybe you could put arrows to the left and right that cycle modes so it's not to hard to see the whole screen

also, what happened to the mode where you pick a special and get those gems?