Suggestions Summarized: Read Before Posting

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Suggestions Summarized: Read Before Posting

If you're new to suggesting ideas for Gem TD 2 I suggest you read this summary of ideas already suggested before posting in one of the threads on this forum. For more detailed information on these ideas read the other threads. Start with iGrock's and fredg999's ultimate lists, Ezo's new/modified gem suggestions and the hunted shadow's slates thread to bring yourself up to speed. If you think I left something out pm me, and if you want to add something please do so in the appropriate forum. Note: more detailed and overlapping ideas have not been included.


  • More Maps, Changing Maps
  • New Game Modes
  • Challenge Mode: sudden death, variety restrict, ground only, slates only, special create, 2x gold, low grade, etc.
  • Trophy Room: Shows Accomplishments and abilities unlocked, like challenges completed and your best scores


  • Grid On/Off
  • Show next wave(s)
  • Show % Chances after final upgrade
  • HUD for creep info
  • Game Speed Controls like fast forward
  • Auto-Buy Lives
  • Save Game Option
  • Change Quality Option
  • In Game Gemopedia (Info)
  • Color Code Creeps


  • Increase % Chances for Perfect Gems
  • Keep 2 Gems
  • Different Creep Types
  • Increase gems placed per turn to 6, 7, 8
  • Special gem combo creation from any gem placed not just the final one
  • Confirm next action prompt after final gem placed (to avert mistakes)
  • Targeting Options such as weakest, closest, last, etc.
  • Tower Level up based on Damage, # Hits, Kills
  • More Balanced gems/towers allowing multiple strategies
  • Downgrade gem multiple times
  • Air creeps have a longer path, or easier to kill, more balance between air/ground


  • Increase the number of basic gems to 10, 11, 12, etc.
  • Some gems can be used in 2 special's, increasing # of special gem recipes
  • Increase the number of special gem recipes to 15, 20, etc. (Current Suggestions top 40!)
  • Improve the current special gems
  • Allow towers to be combined into more powerful special gems
  • More combos and stacking effects utilizing multiple towers
  • Add Slates


  • Chain Attack
  • Armor Pierce
  • Teleport
  • Range Booster
  • Set on Fire
  • Instant Kill
  • Shockwave
  • Money Tower variations
  • Armor Reduction as an effect
  • Laser Beam, damages all in a straight line
  • Damage counts as creeps weakness, changes based on creep type
  • Movement slower the closer creeps get
  • When hit with ability forces air units to the ground for a period of time
  • Sprays a puddle that poisons and slows creeps
  • Poison is infectious and can spread to other creeps
  • Drain HP
  • Lose HP when in range of tower, regains those HP if alive and leaves range
  • Attack knocks creeps backwards
  • And other updates to current abilities like, damage booster, dps while in range, firing speed booster, splash, slow, stun, etc.
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Also, the pick your own gems mode, do you mean monochrome mode?????

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i think he do...
and dude that is some of a good list you got :P and i think you got all that we got so far. nice done jayhawks

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Stickied for convenience!
Although you might want to constantly update the list so that this will be a dependable summary of ideas. :D

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I've already done the Ultimate List of features and I don't even get nice comments. :( I have started it before, and it contains almost everything. Some things missing will be added to my List too...

Also, there are challenges ? (no rock removal for example) Did we decide for the "Tower levelling up based on damage, not kills" ?

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lol fredg999 you know we all appreciate your list,

great list jayhawks, nearly everything, i think shockwave tower and credits (everyone on this forum + makers) also, the fact that any one of the three ingredient gems can be combined at any time to make a special

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Thanks Guys! I was trying to create something that would save people having to read through pages and pages of, "Yeah, good idea" and "Agreed, but it might be too powerful" just to get the substance of the thread. Fredg999, I just want you to know that A LOT of this list is directly from your list, just simplified and summarized for a quick glance. Some of you might forget that not everyone that's going to come here is as in to Gem TD as we are. They just want instant gratification, hence a guy creating a new thread called map, just to say he wants more maps, and wait a second, to find out if testing will be public. Oh yeah, and me not wanting to read 50 pages to make a suggestion that has already been made ;)

I appreciate your compliments, but lets try to keep this thread small so it better serves it's purpose as a summary not a source of info. I will add things as they come up if people want to pm me.

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Might I remind you that this is merely a summary, not a "add-my-own-things" thread. :)

Just reminding...

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:tongue:This is the, What? Fourth ultimite list! CAN THE GET ANY MORE ULTIMITE?!
I guess not :tongue:

I would like to say to all those people saying *ahem* ''Star ruby and urainim dont work?!:confused:''

Ive seen the star ruby do it's stuff i got it RELLY early and it dose have an aura and as for the urainim the reson it has 'no efect' is that the minimum speed is relly high wence you get it, lol wence :tongue:,

Ive thought that you can have 2nd grade gems like

Sun stone : D.12-15 R. 100? S. 1250 Type. Emrald/ Ruby Speiciel Abbility. 'Burns' in a splash area

What im saying is different combinations of gems:). SOOOOOO grade one the new idas. Grade two different mixtures of grade one gems :tongue:

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Pie, read my post in the thread you created.

I would also add that grades in the game are already used for something else, like chipped, flawed, normal, flawless and perfect. Those apply only for basic gems, or what you call "grade ones"...

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Re: Suggestions Summarized: Read Before Posting

Great list! I highly appreciate it.:applause:
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