The Ultimate List. Every Feature so far and more

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The Ultimate List. Every Feature so far and more

Here's the second Ultimate List, this time it's about features you can find in the game. This post will then include everything the entire GTD2 community suggested (except the gems and slates, see the corresponding Ultimate Lists) for the new game. If you think that something shall be changed or if something is missing, then post your idea.

Main menu

  • To play a game, you must choose three options:
    • Choose a game mode
      • Normal : Play as in GTD1, but with lots of new features.
      • Sandbox : Infinite gold.
      • Survival : Like normal, but with infinite waves.
      • Challenges : Challenges are game modes that add a restriction to make it harder and funnier!
        • No mazing : The mobs have a specific path and you can't build anything blocking their path, thus you can't maze the mobs. The mobs are ground only, there are no fliers.
        • Random Waypoints : The waypoints' order change every 10 levels. It is ground only too. The order is shown before the first wave it is changed.
        • Sudden Death : You only have 1 life and you can't buy more. Any mob that passes kills you.
        • Monochrome : Play the game with only one gem type.
        • Jamboree only : There are only jamboree levels.
        • No combining : You can't combine basic gems together neither make special gems.
    • Choose a map between 3-5 maps. (List will come later)
    • Choose a difficulty level:
      • Easy
      • Medium
      • Hard
      • Insane
  • Hi-scores: The best scores for every map on every difficulty! Lots of tables!
  • Guides: Descriptions of each gem and creep, and how to play the game (includes tutorials).
  • Options and Settings screen.
    • Graphics Quality
    • Shots Visible
    • Background music volume
    • Grid visible
  • Access to the Gem Creator. See the Gem Creator's Section (once it is created...)
  • Classic : Links to
  • Credits. Go check whoever participated to the game! A thread includes everyone who really participated (ex. excludes people like "supernew1" who didn't really participate), but needs to be updated...


  • 12 basic gems with 6 grades: Chipped, Flawed, Normal, Flawless, Perfect and Great. Each different Gem has its own attack type.
  • There might be the Ultimate Series.
  • 2 whole sets of 20 special gems with each around 3~4 upgrades per series.
  • 12 Great Gems Specials
  • 15 path slates, can be bought in a slate shop in-game.
    Wanna know more about slates? Check out The Ultimate Slate List!
    Wanna know more about gems ? Check out The Ultimate Gem List!
    Wanna know more about the Great Gems Specials? Check out the Great Gems Combinations List
  • By clicking on a target button (every time you click, it changes to the next in the list), you may choose what the gem will target between 8 choices:
    • Slowest / Fastest
    • Most Health / Least Health
    • Closest to end / Farthest from end
    • Unaffected (the mob has no effect like poison or slow for example)
    • Closest to other creeps. Useful for splash, chain hit and multi-target effects.
  • You may check which specials you can make with the gem and which gems you currently have placed, missing or in the current pick (if you check between two levels).
  • When you have placed the last gem required for a special (not all in one pick), you may create your special in the spot of any of the gems from the combo (ex. you have Topaz1, Diamond1, then you place Sapphire1 and you may place the silver on either gem's place).
  • Instead of keeping one gem, you keep two gems. Instead of placing 5 gems, you place 7 gems, and you can buy an upgrade to place 8.
  • After paying exactly 1K gold to get 10% perfects, you may pay another total of 1000 gold to get the following chances: 0%, 25%, 25%, 25%, 25%. Here are the new upgrade costs:
    [SPOILER]Chances : Cost to get that upgrade (total money paid)
    100/0/0/0/0 :
    70/30/0/0/0 : 20 (20)
    60/30/10/0/0 : 50 (70)
    50/30/20/0/0 : 80 (150)
    40/30/20/10/0 : 110 (260)
    30/30/30/10/0 : 140 (400)
    20/30/30/20/0 : 170 (570)
    10/30/30/30/0 : 200 (770)
    0/30/30/30/10 : 230 (1000)
    0/30/30/25/15 : 270 (1270)
    0/30/25/25/20 : 330 (1600)
    0/25/25/25/25 : 400 (2000)[/SPOILER]
  • Gems level up according to [((damage dealt)/(Avg Damage*Range))/10], but it also gives an increase of range and a slight decrease of cooldown.


  • When you click on a mob, its stats appear in the right panel at the same place as in GTD1. Stats include:
    • Current Hitpoints and Maximum Hitpoints
    • Current speed, Normal Speed and Minimum speed
    • Money cost (money it gives has to be checked...)
    • Armour (the number is the resistance, the colour is the weakness) and Normal Armour.
    • Effects Weakness/Resistances (ex. Resistant to slow, weak to burn)
    • Waypoints passed (helpful in Random Waypoints).
  • Also, in the bottom menu, you will find current round's original stats.

  • Mobs differ with their weaknesses: the border of a mob will be the colour of the weakness (do not confuse Aqua and Opal, now different) and their shape will be different.


  • The Game Speed button has a + and - on each side, which changes the speed of the game. There is 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 20x normal speed.
  • If you run out of cash, the game's over.
  • You may activate a grid in the game field to make gem placing and maze creating easier. Pressing the "G" key activates/deactivates the grid.
  • You may access the gemopedia mid-game.
  • Once you reach level 41, the game auto-submits your score. Your name will be entered in the beginning of each game.
  • Press the "Q" key to change quality, with High, Medium and Low.

The Trophy Room ~ WIP
[SPOILER]The trophy room stores your trophies acquired throughout games. You get trophies by achieving challenges, or achievements... And you get rewards for your hard work! Here are some of the achievements: (Note : I changed some things from the original thread, because they didn't fit)

  • Achievement: Sudden Death --> Beat Sudden Death mode on Extreme difficulty.
    Trophy: Gem Mastery Award
    Unlocks: Ability to combine 3 gems (ex. 2 chipped + 1 flawed = normal). Passive ability.
  • Achievement: Pursuit of Perfection --> Get all twelve perfect basic gems in a single game in Survival (any difficulty).
    Badge: Quality Assurance
    Unlocks: Ability to select only perfects for one round. Costs gold.
  • Achievement: Marathon --> Beat 100 levels in Survival on Extreme difficulty
    Trophy: Survivor Star
    Unlocks: Ability to pick one more gem per round without the upgrade. Passive ability
  • Achievement: Special Creator: Create every special gem throughout gameplay.
    Badge: Special Gathering
    Unlocks: Multiple Downgrades without paying the upgrade. Passive ability
  • Achievement: collect 100,000 gold in Survival throughout gameplay.
    Badge: Gold Digger
    Unlocks: Ability to keep an extra gem for a round. Costs gold.
  • More to come soon! (still missing time...)

Check the Challenges/Trophy Room Suggestions for a better list. Soon, every single achievement and reward will be on this list.[/SPOILER]
Gem Creator
[SPOILER]The game features a gem creator. See the Gem Creator thread.[/SPOILER]

More features to come soon after updates adding everyone's best suggestions. Be aware that some are my ideas (In italic in most cases) and even some come from other games (cuts a bit for the originality, but they're quite nice) and that I'd like to read feedback so I can know which ones are gonna be kept for the game (thanks to iGrok so far who comments almost everything).

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With the life thing, I think the option should bring you down to one life, then debit further lives from your money. That was you get the optimal money/life combination.

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well i think it's the best if he maked it. dont ask me about such things. i am not the best to do dose things

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Mobs stats always appear in the bottom of the HUD. Combos will be availible from a button in the Upgrade menu.

Great job btw! Now you get to be in charge of keeping it updated lol

Remember! this post is not for the suggesting of new ideas. Please use the designated thread for that. It is only for the coallation of them. Post here if an idea has abeen agreed upon and has not been put into the list. That'll keep this thread from being crowded

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Just some questions... I'm not sure, after reading the "new stuff for gem TD2" thread, of some (OK, several!) things...

1. Are there going to be different types of creeps? Also, will Jayless's idea be kept (1% chance Jamboree level with many different creep types in the round)?
2. GamerSage777 suggested that, in different difficulty levels, you could only have some basic gems... Do we include in normal mode or it could be another game mode?
3. In the gems' section, shall I include the Ultimate Series from thacannon?
4. Will different maps have different sizes and pick amounts too? Maybe other stats could also be changed if there are larger maps.
5. Are we keeping the upgrade the amount of rocks picked?
6. Are we keeping both map and maze creators?
7. Would 4 gems of the same kind and grade get combined into a gem two grades higher? (4 normals = 1 perfect, for example, or... 4 perfects = 1 Uber, although maybe this one will be lowered to 3 because of the higher amount of basic gems...)
8. Are we keeping iGrok's Amazing Idea ? (the monochrome game mode with special rounds...)
9. Will Sandbox mode a difficulty or a mode? Also, will it have to be unlocked like in GTD1?
10. catters9, you still haven't explained your water guys...
11. Are we keeping the rainbow gems (though hard to get and not really powerful (except maybe the chipped ones))?
12. Could we sell our gems/special gems? (except wave 1, lol) How much cash would this pay?

Now, I suggest a new thing: When you click on keep gem and that there are two of the same kind and grade, the game proposes you to combine instead. (This would help MrRandom...)

If anyone answer, don't quote... just type like: n) answer...

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1. No, bot as of now. Not entirely certain, but unlikely. Just keep weaknesses, maybe give different weaknesses different looks, but no drastic differences between creeps. of course flying sometimes.
1B. On survival after level 41 a % chance for jamboree? I think that was accepted
2. I think that was considered as an unlockable, pick your gems mode.
3. Not yet, needs to be finalized i think
4. Yes, No, Maybe lol
5. As a one time, really expensive, after %chance upgraded max (25,25,25,25),+1 gem? yes. somewhere around 3000 gold
6. Like to, less important than the game itself. Once programmer is hired he can tell us how difficult that will be
7. Yes, Uber stays at four b/c of increased # of gems/turn
8. RUBY DEFENCE FTW!!! ^^ yes
9. Mode, yes
10. ...
11. No
12. Yes, $0

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Concerning question 12, I think it depends on the gem qualities needed for creating the special gem, and how powerful the special gem's effects are. For example, using this logic, my Sphalerite would be worth more when sold than a Malachite, because the Sphalerite requires Great gems while Malachites require Aquamarines, Emeralds and Opals, all of them Chipped; and that Sphalerites have a very high attack power and fast fire rate with a chance to go beserk for even more damage-dealing, while Malachites have a low attack power, but can target multiple creeps. (I suppose many of you already know this by now)

I should add though, that basic gems should not be sold, only special gems.

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did the upgrade table say 0% chipped? because that eliminates the special gems everyones worked so hard on

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That happens in Gem TD 1, and it doesn't eliminate anything because you can still downgrade Flawed gems to chipped.

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I thought about 0% chipped, as I often use higher grade gems and then I downgrade them (near the end of the round if it's not the last gem needed) to make a special gem later. In fact, what should never happen would be to eliminate every flawed too, because a gem can only be downgraded once.

EDIT: In fact, no, with some upgrade you can downgrade multiple times.

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what about maze creator & poster i proposed a while ago, in or out?