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It is definitely best to use the purple towers (upgrading them does not seem to really help). Also you should definitely put your money in the bank for first wave and withdraw it by the time you have collected enough interest to get your first purple tower; then withdraw the money buy the purple tower and defeat the first two waves without losing 1 life (that is if you time it right).

I have beaten the game all 50 levels without losing 1 life. Upgrading the purple towers does not seem to help, or buying any other tower.

There are particular wave types I find difficult to beat. If you put your money into bank click before first wave click through all levels you earn slightly more than 1000 gold, so if you want to make a lot of gold in this game you need to kill a lot of enemies.


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only purple towers
don`t upgrade the purple towers... they are stronger without any upgrade!
in the end i used some 5000 gold towers from the shop...just for fun

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Here's my pics of the final part of the game with all purple towers (I stupidly lost 1 life on the 1st round of evasive people because I was saving instead of spending). When evasive units come, use whatever you have saved. They are the only difficult-to-beat units. Do what was suggested above, and to help you out with 1 more hint, place the 1st towers you make in the 2-space wide island southwest of the Bank. The towers can hit things on both sides of the island.

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There is also another bug in the game. The special item "greater rewars" which should give you 20% more gold actualy removes all gold on hand and the gold recieved during its duration.