Meet the Staff!

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The Swedish Tower
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Meet the Staff!

I am The Swedish Tower(or TST). I'm not the creator of but I'm one of the admins here in the forum and the site.

I like pizza, hamburgers and other fast food:).......but I don't like vegetables.:tongue:

As you can guess I'm from Sweden.

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:P didn't noticed this thread yet ;)
*cough* Thanks for the pm about it tst -.- *cough* J/K :P

I am from Holland (Utrecht), as i was born there in 1989.
I like to create websites about subjects i like (like towerdefence is now), and give them the missing factors i didn't found on other sites yet.

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haha. OMG i r miss it.

Im from the UK, im 17 years old.
I mod games and program for a living, I currently have 2 mods for the game "Starsiege Tribes" and have a couple of games in the pipeline im creating.
My favourite tower defence game is DTD, and i play it on the CC alot.

As of 19th November 2008 I am retired as a staff member.

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Re: Meet the Staff!

I'm a Spuer Moderator(although all I've been doing is getting rid of spambots.)
I'm from Louisiana... the.. err... *boring* place.
I like anything with pasta in it or(/and?) freshly baked bread for some odd reason.
Oh and methinks I have too many hobbies! :eek:

Favorite TD: Gemcraft 0

(btw, I don't usually go online on weekends due to the schedule conflict)

As of December 2010, I no more am a staff member.