Pahoda Tower Defense: Objectives

Made with Game Maker 7.0 pro by Julian Hale.

Size: 12 MB

File type: .exe (executable)

Should work on most PCs on windows. (not macs, sorry)

Updates and new additions:

This is a huge update to Pahoda Tower Defense:

  • More than 12 levels.
  • Story mode and Classic mode.
  • New types of enemy.
  • A new, brilliant soundtrack with a selection of music.
  • Tons of cheats and other unlockables.
  • Save and Load funtions.
  • Crystal tower is better and all levels are possible!
  • 4 interesting terrains to play on, with stony and muddy paths.

The Game:

Defend the World of Pahoda from loads of creatures on more than 12 levels using 7 towers. Defend the desert, glacier, plains, mudlands and many more in the story mode, or play in classic mode for an older style of play.

Earn achievements and awards to unlock cheats and extra levels, and use the cheats to your advantage in the game. Save and load your game to continue an old file, too.



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