DtD Tower Defence

Tower Defense is no longer considered to be a beta program. However, I will still accept suggestions and I migt apply them someday when DtDRM is done.

DtD Tower DefenceWhat can be better than defending your base against endless hordes of bloodthirsty attackers with only towers? Well I can safely say that DtD Tower Defense excels at this. The whole game is overall fun, addicting, and will keep you hooked for some time.


If you have played tower defense scenarios, or popular games such as Starcraft and Warcraft III, you will absolutely love this game. The game features many different kinds of towers, all with unique attributes, "pros and cons", and graphics. Even the bullets they shoot look different. Its all fine. You might be asking Enough rambling on about the towers, where are the endless hordes of bloodthirsty attackers? Well, there are three main types of attackers - normal attackers (which start to attack your towers later on in the game), flying attackers (which only towers that can shoot aerial targets can fire at) and shielded units (have shields, lasers shut down near these). Its fun to watch the attackers desperately try to make their way to your base. Unfortunately, none of the attackers are animated. The only animation they have is the dieing animation, which is just them fading out, nothing fancy. But you look at this with pleasure since its the only way to gain money to build up towers, and the only way to survive.

There is no upgrade system, which I found out as a slight disappointment. But luckily there are towers that require a certain building so that you can build them. This system is very basic, but I didnt mind. There are remote mines (which explode when enemies touch them), tanks which go along the track shooting enemies and planes that sweep over the track and shoot at enemies. This was a nice addition and seemed original, but it wasn't enough to save the games lack of a proper upgrade system.

The game only has one music track. The music track was nice, and even after the 30th wave I kept listening to it without getting bored of it. I was hoping that the 30th wave would have a boss fight. To my displeasure, no boss showed up, just another wave of attackers. I didnt like this because why would I want to play a game without a way of winning? Sure you can try and get a new personal record every time, but without a load of fire towers no enemy will get through.

I give this game a nice and healthy 3.2 out of 5. Its fun overall, but the lack of a proper upgrade system, variation in levels, animation and music just doesn't cut it on my standard to get anything over 3.5. So get downloading and have a good time.



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