Wicked Defense

As the name says, The Wicked Defense is all about defense. In this simple yet highly entertaining game you have to defend a predetermined path on the map against incoming hordes of monsters. You can do so by building towers, which will fire at the monsters within certain range. In addition to towers, you can cast a variety of spells, which can slow down or even kill entire groups of monsters.

Towers in the game
The game goes quite beyond the classical approach of Tower Defense (also called "Turret Defense") games. Each one of the towers you can build in the game is unique and has its own advantages and weaknesses. Some towers are more focused on massive destruction, while others are meant to support other towers by slowing down monsters or making them more vulnerable. Each tower can be upgraded in multiple categories, making each tower completely customizable and unique on the playfield. You can upgrade tower range, firepower, fire rate, splash range, special abilities and other parameters that can help you stop even the most powerful monsters.

Monsters in the game
In the game, every monster has its own special abilities. There are monsters that can help other monsters by speeding them up or healing them. Boss monsters are generally stronger and possess stronger abilities than their normal counterparts. If several monster types are walking together, their mutual abilities make them considerably more difficult to stop.

Spells in the game
In special cases, you can cast spells on the map to support your towers fighting the incoming hordes. These spells are for the most ambitious players, who can change the tactical situation on the battlefield by placing the spell with the great accuracy. An individual spell can make a difference between winning and losing the game.

Wicked Defense




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