The Fifth Force

The Swedish Tower
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The Fifth Force v 1.0

What is the main goal for this game?

Survive until the end of stage 10 and get the highest score.

How to survive ?

Creatures come from the left of the board and follow the path until they reach the bottom of the board. You must kill them before they reach it ! If a creatures reach the bottom of the board you loose 1 life. To send a new wave of creats, press the red arrow on top of the game screen.

How to kill creatures ?

You start every stage with a fixed amount of gold. This gold is used to build towers. Simply click on a tower of one of the element pannel, and click on a location near the creature's path. The trick is to choose the best place for the tower!

How do i become more powerful ?

Each time you kill a creature you gain gold and some experience points (XP). You can use gold to build more towers or to upgrade an existing tower. To upgrade a tower, simply click on it and click the upgrade button. Upgrading a tower cost some gold, but the tower's dammages are doubled and his range increase.

How do i become even more powerful ?

Between stage you can buy talents with your XP. Each talent give you a special power (a tower boost, a new tower, ... just read the description). Some powerful talents have requirements and cost more XP.

How to be a master of this tower defense game ?

At the end of each stage, all the gold left are transformed into XP. Try to build the minimum amount of towers and upgrades to kill the creats and you will become a master of TDTFF ! Try not to loose life, because life will give you bonus points at the end of the game (200 pts). The final score is the addition of your XP, the remaining gold of the last stage and the life bonus. You need to choose talent wisely, because if you buy to much of them, you will loose to much XP. But if you dont buy any, the creats will kill you !

Other insctructions and tips

You can click on a creature to see his stats. It's very useful for boss. Some monsters are fasters than others, you may use some water towers (or the "time stop" tower) to slow them. Specializing into one or two talents tree should be a good choice, but not the only way to get a high score. Try to find some talent combo!