Geologist TD

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The King's geologists have managed to discover a vein in the mountains filled with gems of all kinds, but were eaten alive by hideous monsters. You, as the King's mage, were sent to retrieve the gem. Not exactly knowing what awaits you, you cast surveillance spell, and are now able to plan your journey ahead.

Geologist TD is a mazing TD derived from Gem TD and Alchemist TD, with several unique ideas. You receive 5 gems and are able to use them to build your defences, but as soon as you place one, all others become unretrievable, but you get rocks to build walls. After you finish, a wave of monsters arrives. Your goal is to survive while you can. To help yourself, you possess a number of spells to augment your power and make difficulties for monsters.

Use Shift to select more than a single gem, you need it to make bigger and special gems. Further help is available in-game. Shift+Options allows you to receive another set of gems, but works only before the first wave.

E - make a gem impede fliers (permanent, mana hungry)
U - upgrade your discovering capabilities
R - raise a gem with your magic to place somewhere else
X - remove an unneeded gem or rock
T - display/hide targetting options for selected tower

First update:
- Three levels, the last one has a special area that can't support gem placement. Plan carefully!
- 16 types of monsters, different by inherent abilities
- Bestiary help screen, named "Monsters", with some functionality and a little insights on the world
- Monsters receive different colors for a little eye candy
- Poisoned/burned monsters get a small animated sprite to signify condition
- Some visual features to make the gem management easier
- A R.I.P. screen with a little statistics
- An elementary preloader to let you see the progress - the file starts to grow rapidly with them monsters
- Fixed major bugs
- Working "Options" menu, although only "effects" button does something :D

Second (minor) update:
- Added targetting options - testing required. So far it looks like it works correctly. Press "T" key to toggle targetting display with spells. As no gem spells are available mid-wave, targetting is brought into view instead.