Industrial Tower Defence 2

The Swedish Tower
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In this Tower Defence game, creeps move on multiple paths, and have 4 different spawn portals! So, you must be able to build your towers strategically to defend your factories. As the game progresses, many new towers and enemies are unlocked. You can always come back to continue your game, as the game is automatically saved every wave.


Enemies advance to your factories by the highlighted path. Build your towers on grass to protect your factories. When a enemy enters a factory, it is destroyed, or reduces a level.

Play modes:

Campaign: 50 easy waves for beginners. Towers are unlocked slowly throughout the game.
Endless: Unlimited waves, play to the death!
Survival: You start with 4 level 5 factories, but you can't build any factories. Defend untill you lose all your factories.


Rifle - Cheapest tower, with a high fire rate and tiny range. (Unlocks immediately)
Arrow - It has high range, can be upgraded to shoot multiple arrows. (Unlocks with 20 kills)
Sniper - It has high damage, can be upgraded to kill instantly. (Unlocks with 60 kills)
Frost - An elemental tower, can be upgraded to freeze enemies. (Unlocks with 80 kills)
Inferno - An elemental tower, can be upgraded to burn enemies. (Unlocks with 110 kills)
Lightning - An elemental tower, can be upgraded to reduce speed. (Unlocks with 150 kills)
Laser - Has many useful skills, can be upgraded to release aura. (Unlocks with 200 kills)
Rocket - Causes splash damage, can be upgraded for a larger explosion. (Unlocks with 250 kills)


Peasant - Famous for being slow and weak.
Light Infantry - Lightly armoured, with high speed.
Heavy Infantry - Heavily armoured, with low speed.
Knight - Surprisingly fast, but a lack of health.
Priest - Has the ability to heal himself when injured.
Tank - Impenetrable armour, immune to weaponry. (Defeat with elemental towers)
Fighter Plane - Slow at the start, but speeds up later.